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After CAD is finished, where to go?


Many customers choose to have their CAD drawings completed from Upwork, and I agree that is a good way to save. And actually, there are many professional designers who know both 3D and manufacturing.

But After CAD is finished, where to go? You of course need to find manufacturer.

Firstly, think of the quantity, if small, just have them 3D printed or CNC machined. But the unit cost is tremendous high. So after the quantity goes up, when you have enough budget on tooling/molding, you need to invest to have the mold/tooling created.

Having your molds/tooling made in China is actually a good way to save a lot, about 1/10-1/20 of the cost to have them made in US. But when think of mass production, you need to count in the freight and import charges.

So if it too large part and can not stacked to save space, I do not suggest you to have them made in China.

To find manufacturers, you can google a lot of potential vendors. Then do research: whether their export datas can be googled, whether they are professional. Write emails to them to get quote, compare and make your choice. We have been custom producing custom molded plastic, rubber and silicone parts for Americans and European clients since 2003. Welcome to discuss more with any questions or doubts here.

Author: Vicky Liu --- Sales Manager of Respon Moulding Co., Ltd.

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