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How to choose surface finish for plastic injection molded parts?


1, You can have the mold surface polished, and then the parts are glossy.

2, You can also have the mold surface textured. You can choose the texture type. Then the mold surface is rougher that usually the demoulding is harder than polished, so when you try to add texture, pay more attention to the mold draft. If mold draft is not big enough, not textured or try to find the finest texture type like bead blasting.

3, You can find a texture book and choose what you want, and check with the manufacturer to see if it is workable. Or you can find a sample part with similar surface you want, and send it to the manufacturer. You can first take a picture. And if the manufacturer can just do it as per the pictures, no need to send the sample, but on the condition that the surface is not too critical.

4, We custom make plastic injection molded parts, both tooling and mass production, No Min. quantity.  

Author: Vicky Liu --- Sales Manager of Respon Moulding Co., Ltd.

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