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Draft Angle Guidelines for Plastic Injection Molding


What is draft angle?

A draft angle is a taper or slant applied to the vertical sides of plastic injection molded parts, to assist with releasing the parts from the mold. It can be measured in degrees or mm.


 A functional part for injection molding has to have draft angles that face both the cavity and core sides. Without the right amount of drafting, parts run the risk of poor cosmetic finishes, scratches and may bend, break, or warp,  damaging not only the parts, but possibly the expensive mold itself.  Typically, engineers use an angle of around 1.5 degrees. However, it can range anywhere between 0.5-10 degrees for certain special applications, depending on material selection, finish/texture, wall depth, wall thickness, ejection, shrink rates, part size, etc.

Not sure whether your design's draft angle is enough or not? No worries, send it to us to check, and we can modify the design with appropriate draft angle before we start the mold.

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